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These programs provide highly-detailed instructions that will answer all of your questions about fish mounting
ballFish Mounting - Beginner
  As a beginning taxidermist, you will learn to complete an incredible mount using only household products, readily available items, and a fish mounting kit.
Fish Mounting - Professional
  As a professional taxidermist, you will discover the secret to excellent fish mounting, proper mounting techniques, painting, and you will learn the answers to your questions about fish mounting. All Professional programs include illustrated painting instructions.
ballFish Airbrushing - Professional
  Increase your knowledge, increase your profit, increase your skills with these step-by-step fish airbrushing programs.
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Fish Manikin Carving
Fish Manikins
Deerhead Pedestal Mount
Pedestal mount trophy
Turkey Flying
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Raccoon Mount
Raccoon mount
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